Priority Areas

At The Foundation for Delaware County we are on a mission to build a vibrant future for all. We energize participation and partnership across our communities to address major challenges. These are some of the priorities that help to guide us in our shared pursuit of a just, prosperous, and unified county where every person is empowered to reach their full potential.

Public Health

We are focused on supporting healthy families—beginning at birth. Our community programs are designed to improve birth outcomes, maternal and child health, and overall well-being for the families we serve ensuring that families have access to the services they need to be physically and mentally healthy. The foundation also works to address public health through grantmaking and other initiatives including the county’s effort to launch a public health department.

Racial Equity

From its onset, The Foundation for Delaware County has committed to proactive and bold engagement in open discussions about issues of social and racial inequities. In order to build a brighter future for all Delaware County residents, we are dedicated to addressing racial inequity to create deep, lasting change and touch hearts.

Housing Support

The foundation serves as a leader in improving permanent housing stability and advancing housing equity across Delaware County. We have seen firsthand the undeniable, transformative impact of safe housing on health, wellbeing, and family and community stability.

Food Security

In Delaware County, thousands of individuals and families are at risk for food insecurity. We are committed to supporting food security programs designed to connect families with the food they need for long, healthy lives.

Crisis Response

In the face of crisis, we stand ready to lead and assist our community. Our foundation is proud to be serve as a resource for individuals, families, and businesses when crises arise.

Strengthening Nonprofits

Delaware County’s nonprofit community is robust and dedicated to improving the well-being of county residents. Our goal is to invest in the capacity of our county’s 4,500 nonprofits so they can have a greater impact, bringing them together to address important unmet needs across the county.