Racial Equity

We are dedicated to promoting racial equity to create deep and lasting change.

Seeking Justice Together

A long history of racial discrimination has led to inequities in housing, education, and more that prevent many from living a healthy and equitable life. We believe that understanding the truth of each other’s experiences and our county’s full history offers us the opportunity to grow both personally and as a community.

From the foundation’s beginning, we have committed to proactive and bold engagement in open discussions about issues of social and racial inequities. In order to build a brighter future for all Delaware County residents, we are dedicated to addressing racial inequity to create deep, lasting change.

What We're Doing

Racial Equity Task Force Learn More

In 2020 we initiated a Racial Equity Task Force that strives for a community in which justice and equity prevail for every individual, in every organization, and within our own foundation.

Racial Equity Resources Learn More

As is everyone else, the Racial Equity Task Force members are on a journey of learning and growth. Each member is motivated for different reasons, is at a different place on that journey, and finds inspiration in different resources. Sometimes those resources challenge, sometimes they are a reminder of painful personal experiences, sometimes they clarify and enlighten. We grow by stepping into and sharing ideas.