Start a Charitable Fund

Allow us to be your partner in giving by setting up a charitable fund.

As a community foundation, we offer a variety of giving opportunities to our donors, allowing you to support causes you care about, in ways you may not have realized were possible. If you would like to start a fund, our professional staff can help you decide how to have the most enduring impact in a manner that is the most convenient and advantageous for you.


“We appreciate the flexibility of investing in a donor-advised fund at our community foundation. The staff really work with us — taking the time to listen to what our family cares about and providing background information on the organizations working on those issues.”

Beth And Scott Albright

Donor-Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund allows you to be actively engaged in the grantmaking process by giving you the ability to advise on distributions to specific charities. Your fund can make grants to the local, national, and global organizations that you wish to support. Our staff helps you identify organizations that match your charitable interests.

Recommending grants from your fund is simple and can be managed through an online account or by contacting a philanthropic services team member. We handle the managerial tasks, from investment administration to grants management. You may also designate a successor advisor to the fund or involve your children or family as advisors on the fund — an effective way to engage family members in charitable activity.

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Private Foundation Alternative Fund

A private foundation alternative fund enables donors to facilitate their family’s charitable giving activities without the administrative costs and management burdens of a traditional private family foundation.

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Scholarship Fund

Creating a scholarship fund helps students pursue their dreams by advancing their education. A scholarship gift can dramatically impact a person’s life and is a permanent tribute to the person or organization for which it is named.

You determine the scholarship purpose and selection criteria, and we manage the details to ensure that awards are disbursed in accordance with your wishes and in compliance with all applicable regulations. We can assist you with determining the scholarship’s eligibility criteria and award amount as well as assist in the identification of an appropriate selection process.

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Field of Interest Fund

A field of interest fund allows you to focus your impact on a specific interest area, such as the arts, education, or the environment. This fund also allows you to have one or more charitable preferences, which might include a geographic area, community issue, or type of population to be served. You can rely on the Foundation’s knowledge of needs and which nonprofits are most effective. Unlike a one-time gift, field of interest funds are designed to continue for generations, extending your contribution to the area or issue of your choice long after the original gift is made.

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Designated Fund

A designated fund allows you to provide lasting support for the organizations you have cared about the most during your life. One fund can support a single or several organizations; donors sometimes specify percentages of a fund’s spendable amount to support designated charities.

As a steward of your fund, we will monitor the designated charities. If one ceases operations or changes its purpose, we will use your original charitable intentions to guide the future use of your fund.

Designated Fund
Download the Designated Fund Sample Will Language

Unrestricted Fund

An unrestricted fund is flexible and designed for maximum impact. We depend on these broadly responsive funds to proactively address the evolving needs of the community and support innovative responses through our grantmaking and initiatives.

Donors who give without restrictions share a genuine commitment to strengthening our county, ensuring the Foundation supports the greatest needs today and for generations to come.

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Nonprofit Endowment Fund

Nonprofit organizations may create charitable funds to sustainably support their missions. We accept contributions from your supporters, manage the fund, administer complex gifts and planned giving assets, oversee compliance requirements, and distribute a prudent amount each year to your organization.

A Nonprofit Endowment Fund with the Foundation offers all the benefits of building an endowment without the burdens of managing one. Our investment management team invests for the long term and promotes growth to provide a consistent annual spendable amount.

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Corporate Philanthropy

The Foundation’s expert staff help small and large businesses set up and/or manage affiliated philanthropy programs. We make sure your company’s philanthropy program is effective, well-run, and in keeping with its own values and priorities.

Our team will work with you to: create a charitable strategy that aligns with your company’s objectives; research and report on nonprofits that are serving your areas of interest; arrange site visits to organizations under consideration; turn your philanthropy into a favorite company tradition; and look for volunteer opportunities for your employees.

Our services include turnkey administrative services, grant request screening, and online fund access, so you can review activity and make grant recommendations.

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Build-up Option

You may establish any of the above funds with a gift of $1,000 or more. Then you may add to the fund over an agreed-upon period of time. As you build the fund, both additional donations and earned income from investments accrue until the fund reaches the minimum balance. At that point, the fund will become active and can begin distributing grants.

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