Nonprofit Management Services

If your organization has limited resources and could benefit from administrative and investment support – the foundation may be able to assist through our Management Services. Once an agreement is established, the foundation can handle several services including accepting donations and acknowledging gifts, processing vendor payments, financial reporting, audit assistance, and budget preparation assistance. Letting us handle these tasks frees you and your organization to focus on its mission-related activities. Moreover, the organization maintains its governing body and remains the legal owner of its financial assets.

Fiscal sponsorship and back-office accounting support are two examples of management services the foundation could provide for your organization.

Our Services

  • Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsorship

    Fiscal sponsorship is often used by newly formed nonprofits that need to raise money during the start-up phase, before they are recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS. Using a fiscal sponsor enables a program or organization that does not itself qualify as tax-exempt to attract funding for its operations that will — through the fiscal sponsor – be tax-deductible to donors.

    Some organizations – including those that are tax-exempt – find that utilizing a fiscal sponsor to outsource administrative responsibilities, whether back-office tasks, or those relating to fundraising and disbursement of funds, is the right business model for them. This structure might be particularly well-suited for all-volunteer organizations.

    The foundation is honored to provide administrative services, oversight, and financial responsibility for the activities of several nonprofits including Circle of Giving 2020, Young Entrepreneurs Academy Philadelphia (YEA!), The Period Project, The Pantry Staples Program, Perisco, Refugee School Supplies, This is Probably a Really Weird Question, The Testimony Project, Yeadon Community Coalition, The Delco Dills Pickleball Club, Delaware County Office of Sustainability, U-ROC LeadershipHigh School and Gap Year Programs, Chester Residents Concerned for Quality Living, Chester ExChange, and more!

  • Back-Office Accounting Support

    The foundation can provide your organization with accounting support. We can accept donations and acknowledge gifts for your organization, process vendor payments, provide financial reporting, audit support, and budget assistance.

    The Foundation is honored to provide back-office accounting support for the Library Foundation of Delaware County and Freedmen’s Art Alliance, Inc.

    Nonprofit management fees are determined on a case by case basis. To learn more about how The Foundation for Delaware County can provide management services for your nonprofit organization, contact Laura DeFlavia.