Fund Fees and Policies

We charge two fees for all foundation funds. The first is an investment fee covering the cost of investment advisory services. The second fee is a percentage management fee to cover the foundation’s administrative costs associated with the fund and supports our overall charitable mission. The typical annual management fee is 1 percent of the accumulated value of the endowment, calculated monthly at 8.333 basis points (.08333 of 1 percent), with a minimum of $250. The annual fee for scholarship funds is 2.5 percent. Fiscal sponsorship fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.

The investment fee is a monthly assessment covering the fees charged to the foundation by its investment managers. The amount of the fee is approximately 67 basis points (.67 of 1 percent) per year, although it can fluctuate depending on the asset class in which the foundation is invested. Our investment committee closely monitors the fees charged by our investment managers.

The annual returns on our investments and the allocation of the assets are published each year in the foundation’s annual report.