June 20, 2024

Maximizing Philanthropic Impact with The Foundation for Delaware County

Your charitably minded clients have numerous options for their philanthropic dollars. Many utilize their donor-advised funds at The Foundation for Delaware County to support favorite charities nationwide, including alma maters, organizations in communities where they’ve previously lived, have a second home, or where their grown children now reside.

However, many clients are also deeply committed to the local community where they currently live, where they’ve raised their children, and where they’ve built their businesses. It’s essential to remind clients that they can turn to The Foundation for Delaware County when they want to ensure their contributions make the most significant impact right here at home. The unfortunate steady flow of crises and decreasing state and federal funding to local nonprofits means that philanthropy is increasingly vital in our region.

The Foundation, through its wide variety of fund types available to your clients (including endowment funds to support the community in perpetuity), can help achieve their local support goals, whether for disaster recovery, supporting families in need, funding critical workforce development, or paving the way for environmental protection in our county.

The team at the Foundation is always ready to provide insights into the current challenges facing our community and identify which organizations are effectively addressing those needs. Your clients can provide immediate support through their donor-advised funds.

Additionally, an emerging needs fund may be an excellent fit for clients who wish to improve lives in our community for generations to come, regardless of the challenges our region may face. This fund type is especially compelling for clients aged 70 ½ or older, who may be eligible to make annual distributions up to $105,000 per spouse from their IRAs directly to an emerging needs fund at the Foundation. Known as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD), this transfer not only counts towards satisfying Required Minimum Distributions but also allows clients to avoid income tax on those funds. Moreover, these assets are excluded from the client’s estate upon death, helping to avoid estate taxes.


Please reach out to Monika Collins at the Foundation for more information on how your clients can support both current and future local needs while meeting their financial, tax, and generational legacy goals. We are always available to answer your questions about philanthropy or to schedule a personal consultation with you and your clients—at no cost.


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