Delaware County Public Health Fund

The Foundation for Delaware County has established the Delaware County Public Health Fund to support the development of our county’s new Public Health Department, and to ensure that the department operates at the very highest level of quality from the beginning. Funds raised will help to support the start-up of needed programs and services, the creation of pilot programs designed to address critical health issues, for specialized training to advance health equity, efforts to educate the county’s residents about what a public health department means for our community, and other costs not covered by tax dollars. The foundation is proud to have the trust of Delaware County Council and the county’s staff leadership with this critical public/private partnership.

Delaware County is one of the largest counties in the country, and the only county in Philadelphia’s 5-county region without its own public health department. As a result,  Delaware County has missed out on public health funding from the state  for decades, received limited services from the state’s Department of Health, and, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Delaware County had to turn to neighboring Chester County to provide coordination and services, slowing down the response to the virus.  Learn more about the county’s effort to launch its own public health department.