June 01, 2022

Finding the good, giving as a wealth strategy, and an open invitation

It can be hard to see the good in people as heartbreaking exceptions seem to dominate modern life, but it is worth remembering that philanthropy–”love of humanity”–is alive and well. A study at Stanford University indicates that a sense of community and calls to action help align people around common values. Indeed, high-profile examples of philanthropy, from Carnegie Hall to the manatees, help reinforce the notion that people can turn altruism into action through their leadership and financial resources.

What’s more, nearly two-thirds of high net-worth philanthropists agree that charitable giving is part of their overall wealth strategy, according to a recently-released study by BNY Mellon reporting the results of a survey of individuals with investable assets of at least $5 million. Once again, the takeaway here for advisors is that it is important in any situation to at least ask whether the client would like to incorporate charitable giving into their financial and estate plans. If the answer is yes, the team at the foundation is just a phone call away to provide guidance and serve as a sounding board.

Your clients’ charitable intentions, coupled with the foundation’s ability to structure donor-advised funds and other charitable giving vehicles to meet your clients’ financial and community impact goals, create many opportunities for us to work together. The offer is always open for our team to stop by your office over breakfast, lunch, or even as a midday break to exchange ideas. We’d love to help you help your clients make a difference in our community.