January 01, 2019

J. Lewis Crozer Library Spotlight

Welcome to our new monthly spotlight: This month we are featuring J. Lewis Crozer Library – Serving Chester since 1769!

Did you know that the J. Lewis Crozer Library was founded in 1769? The third library established in the state of Pennsylvania, originally called the Lyceum, was created by a group of citizens who set up a book collection on the second floor of a market located in the center of Chester. The library system once consisted of three branches, but due to limited funding, library materials and resources were eventually moved into one building located at 620 Engle Street. Now called the J. Lewis Crozer Library, it is the only library to serve the City of Chester.

Today, the librarians spend much of their time working with young students who don’t have access to extra resources at school or home, assisting them with reading, developing research skills and writing papers. They also encourage younger students’ interest in reading and story time. The library provides important resources not only for students, but for adults that work on job applications and resumes.

The J. Lewis Crozer Library was one of The Foundation for Delaware County’s inaugural grantees. With this grant, the library hired a new “fellow” to assist in delivering programming, provide books for students in the Chester Housing Authority and conduct outreach to encourage residents to visit the library. The foundation is grateful to partner with the J. Lewis Crozer Library – but there is much more to be done. The library leaders would love to expand technology training for adults and young people, provide additional engaging speakers, fund transportation to bring more children to the library, and expand their current space.

For more information about the J. Lewis Crozer Library and to learn how you can provide support please check out their website.