Professional Advisors

We can help you achieve more for your clients.

When an individual or family begins to consider charitable giving, their trusted financial advisors are often the first to be consulted. We respect the relationships that you have developed with your clients and are available to complement the services you offer. The foundation works collaboratively with you to connect your clients to the issues and causes they most care about, to help them establish a philanthropic legacy that fulfills their charitable goals while ensuring maximum tax advantages.

  • We know the players. If your client has questions about the nonprofit community, you can rely on us for our knowledge of Delaware County and its needs.
  • We listen. Nothing is more important than truly understanding what you and your client wish to accomplish.
  • We tailor our services to your needs. Whether you have just one question or would like a deeper discussion, we can be a resource for you and your client. We can work behind the scenes to assist or meet with you and/or your clients directly.
  • We have a trusted Professional Advisors Council. About one dozen professional advisors – including estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, and CPAs – have joined our Professional Advisors Council to impart their advice and networking support to the foundation.

Ways to Give

We can help you identify gift vehicles for your clients that maximize both their giving potential and their tax-savings. When you partner with us, you can assure your clients they will have easy and continuing access to information that will help them develop a legacy of giving to the nonprofit causes dear to them.

Following are a few examples of ways we can advise your clients to give:

  • Create a fund. We can offer advice on creating a fund that will provide a mechanism for effective, efficient and permanent charitable giving.
  • Estate planning. Your clients may be interested in saving money on estate taxes while providing support to regional nonprofits. We can help. Learn More.
  • Contribute to an existing fund. We maintain an inventory of existing funds that could become recipients of your clients’ philanthropy. One of these funds could serve as a fast and easy vehicle for supporting an important cause that your client cares about. See list of funds.
  • Alternative to a private foundation. We can recommend alternatives to private foundations that offer many benefits and that are cost-effective and uncomplicated.

Learn More

Find out more about ways your clients can give in Delaware County. Contact Monika Collins to learn more.