July 28, 2023

Foundation Launches New Designated Fund: The Community Needs Impact Fund

We’re excited to announce our newest Designed Fund at the Foundation, the Community Needs Impact Fund. This fund will play a crucial role in supplementing our annual Impact Grants and addressing key social issues in our community.

The Community Needs Impact Fund is designed to target and support critical areas of need in Delaware County. While the Foundation will continue to provide our annual Impact Grants, this fund will allow us to extend our reach and make an even bigger impact on the communities we serve.

We believe in the power of collective action. This fund adds an additional avenue for individuals in our community to directly contribute to addressing urgent issues that affect us all. Every donation, large or small, will help strengthen the social fabric of our community.

The creation of this fund was spearheaded by Corliss and Clay Boggs, local residents and long-time supporters of the Foundation. In their words:

“We’ve been part of Delaware County for a long time, and we see the struggles that some people face. That’s why we felt it was essential to establish the Community Needs Impact Fund. We wanted to provide a platform for everyone in our community to be part of the solution. We invite everyone to join us in making Delaware County an even better place for all.”

The creation of the Community Needs Impact Fund was made possible through a required minimum distribution (RMD) from Corliss and Clay’s Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Making a charitable contribution with an RMD helped them to fulfill philanthropic goals while also providing substantial tax benefits. With RMDs, the donated amount can be excluded from taxable income, potentially lowering the donor’s income tax rate. We encourage other community members to explore this and other tax-efficient ways to support the initiatives close to their hearts.

We invite you to be part of this vital initiative. By contributing to the Community Needs Impact Fund, you can play a direct role in addressing critical needs in Delaware County. Donate here.