October 01, 2019

Family Support Line Spotlight

“I’m celebrating getting this off my chest! Keeping this secret has made my stomach hurt everyday”

Imagine being a child who experienced sexual abuse and not having a person to confide in about that experience. Family Support Line provides relief to those children and their parents along with many other resources. For over thirty years, Family Support Line has offered free group therapy for child survivors of sexual abuse and their non-offending parents/caregivers through their Community Groups Program. Originally an all-volunteer program that started in a church, the program hired their first executive director in 1989 and now offers three main components of programming, including:

  1. Treatment services for children survivors and their parents
  2. Prevention education programs across the county. Prevention service materials can be translated into 20 different languages.
  3. Child Advocacy Center.

The goal of Family Support Line is to make sure that people know there is a safe place to go for any child that has experienced sexual abuse and that child sexual victims and their families find the hope, help, and healing they need and deserve. We are proud to support such an important organization in Delaware County. Learn more about Family Support Line.