August 19, 2022

Creating Your Own Charitable Fund

The Foundation for Delaware County is a charitable foundation addressing issues in Delaware County. We are a nonprofit organization created by the people of Delaware County to better the lives of the people in our community. Unlike a private foundation, our funds come from many donors, not just a select few, making us a foundation of the people and for the people.

Generous families, businesses, and nonprofits have placed their dollars with the Foundation to help give back to their community. They place their trust in us to continue their charity after they’re gone, so the organizations they care most about can continue to count on them. And they turn to us to continue a family tradition of giving or to start one.

The Foundation doesn’t have shareholders. As a nonprofit organization, each and every dollar invested in the Foundation goes back into our work, helping to provide food for struggling families, healthcare for young mothers, housing, and so much more. Whether someone starts a donor-advised fund to give back to their favorite causes, a scholarship fund to help students pursue their educational dreams, or a nonprofit endowment fund to support their nonprofit’s mission into the future, our fundholders are making a difference in our community by partnering with the Foundation.

When you’re ready to give back, consider establishing your charitable fund with The Foundation for Delaware County or through your estate plans. You can trust the Foundation to provide meaningful guidance and ongoing care, so your charitable priorities are carried out for generations.

Start your charitable fund in three simple steps:

Give it a name.

The name of your fund is your decision. You can celebrate your family name, honor a loved one, or reflect your passion.

Give it purpose.

What matters most to you? Do you have a favorite charity or cause? Or are you interested in creating a fund to support an area of interest like education, the arts, the environment, or animal welfare? We can design a fund that will achieve your charitable goals.

Give it your support.

Contribute tax-deductible gifts to your fund now or through your estate.

The Foundation offers various charitable funds to suit your specific philanthropic goals. Learn more about our different types of funds.

To learn more, contact Monika Collins at or 610-744-1015.