July 10, 2023

The Foundation’s First Give Book

Inspiration Behind the Give Book 

The Foundation is in a unique position to build a bridge between those with a passion to give and those making a real difference in people’s lives. So, we thought, why not bring these two great forces together in a bigger way? Thus, the Give Book was born.

2023 Give Book


The Purpose of the Give Book 

The Give Book isn’t just a catalogue—it’s a guide to strategic philanthropy. The Give Book is a means of channeling generosity in the most impactful way, connecting those who wish to give directly to the organizations affecting change on the ground.

In these pages is an array of nonprofits, each with its own unique mission and needs. The organizations have been handpicked for their operational integrity, impact, and trust within the community. All of them hold a 501(c)(3) status or are sponsored by a 501(c)(3) entity, ensuring your donations are used effectively and responsibly.

The Give Book represents the varied needs of our vibrant community. It’s your chance to see how your generosity can contribute to the shared future we’re building together.

Remember, every dollar counts and every act of giving, regardless of its size, can create a ripple effect of change. You can make a difference, improve lives, and help a community thrive. We encourage you to embark on this journey of giving with us and play an integral part in shaping a better tomorrow for Delaware County.

How to Give

Each nonprofit has provided information on how to make a donation. The Foundation is also happy to connect you to the organization or facilitate your gift. Please contact Monika Collins to learn more.

*The list of nonprofits included in the Give Book is by no means exhaustive of all the groups doing good in our community. For nonprofits who would like to be included in next year’s book, the Give Book 2024 application period will open in spring 2024.