Thanks to those of you who joined one of three community conversations on May 23 as part of the Philadelphia Foundation and the Knight Foundation’s On the Table Philly effort. The Foundation for Delaware County agreed to co-host On the Table Delco conversations with the following organizations: Upper Darby Weed and Seed at Christ Lutheran Community Church of Upper Darby; the Boys and Girls Club in Chester; and the Media Fellowship House in Media. We have just received the findings and invite you to learn more.

How Delaware County Compares

To see how Delaware County compares to the Philly region as a whole, go to Survey Results, click on the down arrow under Subgroup in the menu on the left of the page, scroll down to select Delaware County, PA, click on the down arrow under Comparison Subgroup, and select All Respondents.

You’ll see that Delco participants are more likely than Greater Philadelphia participants to feel they can make their community a better place to live (94 percent vs. 88 percent). Delco participants also are more likely to vote, volunteer, donate, attend a public meeting and to join others in an effort to improve their neighborhoods (53 percent vs. 35 percent).

Delco participants are slightly unhappier on average with local government (44 percent vs. 40 percent) and slightly unhappier about their local schools (44 percent vs. 50 percent). They are happiest with their neighborhoods (55 percent) and public safety (53 percent), which is markedly higher than the general group (35 percent).

Delco participants have the same top three concerns as participants throughout the Philadelphia area: economic issues and poverty; education and youth development; and public safety and the judicial system. Other social issues that are important to both groups of participants are equity and social inclusion, family and health.

Participants from Delco and throughout the region would like to know more about government, policy and politics. And Delco residents are almost twice as likely to want more information about resources (21 percent vs. 13 percent).

What’s Next for Delaware County

We are likely to consider partnering again with the Philadelphia Foundation on this initiative because of the connections you said you made. Many of you reported that you spoke with one or more attendees you did not already know (86 percent), exchanged contact information with others (59 percent), and planned to build relationships and collaborate around an issue or solution that was discussed (82 percent).

These results are helping shape our future grantmaking strategy. Programs we currently support, such as Healthy Start and WIC, provide critical assistance to those in poverty, but more assistance is necessary. Stay tuned to learn how the foundation plans to invest in the coming months and, if you’re not already on our email list, click here so you’ll be among the first to also learn the date for next year’s On the Table Delco conversations.