March 25, 2024

Social Work Month

In the words of Gloria Steinem “Social workers are my collective heroes. They sit at the juncture between those with too much power and those with not enough.”  

What does a Social Worker do?   

Social workers are committed to helping people change their lives for the better. Social workers are dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities improve their quality of life through counseling, advocacy, and service connection. They provide direct counseling to families and communities and advocate on behalf of community organizations or other professionals. In some cases, they guide clients through the legal system and assist at court hearings.   

Who do Social Workers Help?   

There are many career paths within the field of social work. Some social workers work with children and families, others work with communities, or in health care settings, schools, or mental-behavioral health settings. A licensed Clinical Social Worker (additional credentials) can diagnose and treat mental, behavioral and emotional health issues.  

What are some of the rules that guide Social Work?   

Social Workers abide by a set of standards, called the Code of Ethics, which guides the professional conduct of social workers. In Pennsylvania, social workers have title protection, which means that it is illegal for an individual to label themselves as a social worker, use the title “social worker,” or use the abbreviation “SW” unless they hold a current license (LSW or LCSW) or have received a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from a CSWE accredited school or program of social work.  

How is Social Work integrated at The Foundation for Delaware County?   

The Social Services team at The Foundation serves our Healthy Start and Nurse-Family Partnership clients and supports our case managers, nurses, and administrators.  Our social worker Julianne is responsible for providing direct support to parents and their families, through our ROSE and Parent Café programs. Additionally, Carolina provides therapy services to Spanish-speaking participants, is responsible for department supervision, and handles coordination of services within the organization. Michelle and Carolina hold roles and licensing credentials to provide perinatal mental health to our participants through the Moving Beyond Depression program and supportive counseling. The Social Services Department has partnered with Widener University to host college and graduate level interns. 

In addition to the social workers within Social Services Department, Dr. Onaje Muid, the Fatherhood Coordinator for Healthy Start and Ashlynn Wittmann, Direct Services Supervisor for the Housing Opportunities Program for Equity (HOPE) are also Social Workers. 

The team uses a client-centered approach which is trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive and uses a strength-based perspective when working with our participants. The services are provided with humility, cultural competency, respect for the participants’ experience, and unconditional positive regard.