Theresa Pettaway, founder of Pettaway Pursuit Foundation, experienced premature labor with all three of her children. While she spent years overcoming this difficult experience, Theresa realized that the struggle she faced was hardly unique. She made herself available as an on-call mentor for distressed and postpartum mothers at the NICU of Hahnemann Hospital and Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children. She provided a listening ear, sharing her experiences and promoting self confidence in new mothers who were in need of emotional support. Determined to offer other women in similar circumstances the kind of support she never received, the Pettaway Pursuit Foundation (PPF) was born. In 2002, PPF began providing free educational workshops designed to promote community awareness, educate and inform affected families about high-risk pregnancies and the care of premature infants.

In 2006, PPF became the first program in the country to establish a fee for service contract with an insurance company (Keystone First) to provide home visiting to eligible mothers. PPF doulas educate mothers to help them reduce or stop smoking, improve breastfeeding rates and lower the rate of postpartum depression. Along with personalized classes and workshops, mothers are encouraged to increase their OB/GYN visits to continuously monitor their progress.

With a grant from The Foundation for Delaware County, PPF started the PAL for Parents program – offering innovative new classes that promote healthy lifestyles, both mentally and physically. Courses such as Breast-Feeding Support, Newborn Care Education, Child Birth Education, and Life Skills are offered to interested community caregivers. PPF is looking for volunteers to teach their life skills classes. If you are interested, email:

To learn more about PPF and their services, please visit their website.