Moving Beyond Depression (MBD)

Moving Beyond Depression is an in-home treatment for clients with Major Depressive Disorder. It is the only evidence-based treatment program specifically for mothers in home-visitation programs. Nurse-Family Partnership nurses and Healthy Start case managers screen clients for depression during the intake period and throughout enrollment. If the screen is elevated, the client is then referred to our MBD therapist who will then complete an assessment to determine if the mom meets criteria for Major Depressive Disorder. Moms who meet criteria will receive 15 cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with the therapist and another booster session one month after treatment has ended. Our therapist works closely with nurses and case managers to help moms achieve their goals. Presently, Moving Beyond Depression is available to clients enrolled in the Nurse-Family Partnership and Health Start programs and participation is voluntary. Each client will be screened for depression using the Edinburgh Depression Screening Scale.

For more information contact Carolina Alshon or (610) 497-7344.

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