Allow us to be your partner in giving by setting up a donor fund. One of our strengths as a community foundation is connecting philanthropists to the causes that are most important to them through a rich array of donor opportunities. If you would like to start a fund, our professionals can help you decide how to have the most enduring impact in a manner that is most convenient and advantageous for you.

A donor fund that fits you

There are several types of funds you can establish. Your options might include:

Unrestricted Funds

($10,000 minimum)
You can help us address urgent issues throughout Delaware County. Unrestricted funds generate income the foundation can use to support evidence-based, proven programs. They provide the flexibility to meet urgent needs now. And they enable us to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities as they arise.

Donor Advised Funds

($10,000 minimum)
Donor advised funds are the most flexible vehicle for your philanthropic goals. They allow you to take an active part in grantmaking. You can make recommendations about grants to any qualified nonprofits in Delaware County or throughout the US.

In addition, the foundation will partner with you to focus on the causes and projects you care about. If your interests change over time, your grantmaking can, too. The foundation staff has expertise on the community’s needs and the nonprofits that serve the county. You can also involve your children and other members of your family – now and in the future.

Scholarship Funds

($50,000 minimum)
These funds enable you to provide opportunities for students or advance professional education for adults in our community. Through your fund, you can set the criteria to select students. Also, you or another representative of your fund can take part in the foundation’s application review and selection process. If the commitment to set up your own scholarship fund is too large, you can make a donation of any size to the foundation’s general scholarship fund. Furthermore, a gift of $10,000 to the foundation’s scholarship funds gives you the option to sponsor one of the annual scholarship awards.

Field of Interest Funds

($10,000 minimum)
Field of interest funds are an excellent way to address your commitment to an issue, a locale, or a population. At the same time, you can rely on the foundation’s knowledge of needs and which nonprofits are most effective. Also, these funds allow the foundation the flexibility to address needs as they change over time. The foundation staff will make annual recommendations on high quality nonprofits working in your focus area. And they will make grants according to the priorities you’ve set for your fund.

Designated Funds

($10,000 minimum)
This type of fund enables you to leave a permanent legacy at the foundation that will continue to benefit our community. Through a designated fund, you can provide ongoing support to one or more nonprofits. So long as your designated organization/s continues to perform its stated charitable function, the foundation will provide it with regular updates regarding the value and income of the fund. If any of these nonprofits change their charitable purpose or cease to operate, the foundation will direct the income of your fund to another organization/s whose purpose is as close as possible to that of your original designation.

Organizational Endowment Fund

($10,000 minimum)
Endowment funds provide nonprofits with a lasting, reliable source of support. The foundation currently manages a number of nonprofit endowment funds and is open to establishing additional ones. These funds are simple to set up and our staff can consult with organizations interested in using this vehicle to enhance their long-term sustainability.

Build-up Option

Donors can set up any of these types of funds with a gift of $1,000 or more. Then you can add to the fund over an agreed-upon period of time. As you build the fund, both additional donations and earned income from investments accrue until the fund reaches the minimum balance. At that point the fund will become active.

We can help

We can work with you to select the type of fund that best fits your philanthropy plan. Also, we can assist you in choosing which assets you would like to use to support your fund, including cash, life insurance, retirement assets, stocks, real estate and other tangible assets.

Let us be your guide to establishing a donor mechanism that can have the most meaningful impact on the residents of Delaware County. Here is an example of how we helped others put their philanthropic goals to work.

Administrative fees and additional information

Different types of funds have administrative fees. For more information about these fees – and any other questions about setting up a fund, please email our VP for Advancement and Philanthropic Services, Ellen Grill, or call her at 610-744-1015.

The Foundation for Delaware County’s gift acceptance policy and other fund policies are available upon request. Please contact Ellen Grill for more information.


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