Talking to Your Clients About Giving

Some of your clients may not be aware of the many ways to achieve their charitable goals or understand what they can accomplish through effective, proactive charitable planning. Some may not even think to share ideas about charitable intentions unless their advisor brings up the topic. Discussing philanthropy can be good for your business, clients, and our community.

Here are some philanthropic clues to help you determine if your clients may be interested in charitable giving as part of their estate planning:

  • Are they already charitably inclined?
  • Do you sense they are possibly looking for a deeper charitable connection?
  • Are they single or married with no children?
  • Are they 72 or older? (IRA required minimum distribution could be a QCD)
  • Are they about to sell a business or property or planning to do so in the future?
  • Do they want to leave a legacy for their family and/or engage the next generation in their philanthropic interests?
  • And of course, are they retiring and putting their estate plans in order?


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