This graphic illustrates the Foundation for Delaware County grant application timeline.

Answers to your questions

As promised, these answers are in response to questions posted by May 14:

  1. Does strengthening the non-profit community include using funds to build our programs to better support those we serve or is it strictly for capacity building and succession planning? If your organization’s programs do not fit within the first five priority areas, then you can come in under the sixth priority area but only with a proposal for a Capacity Building type of grant award (#3).
  2. Can the capacity building grant be used to fund payroll and, if so, is there a percentage of the grant that can be used for staffing needs? Yes, the grant can fund payroll if it is an integral part of the project proposed, and there is no limit to the percentage of the grant that can be spent on payroll.
  3. As a non-profit that supports families in Delco, but not physically located in Delco, are we eligible to apply. Yes.
  4. What will the reporting requirements be and how often? At a minimum, grant reports will be required at the end of each year of the grant period. Depending on the size of the grant, interaction and reporting may be more frequent.
  5. Can we apply for more than the maximum grant award. By applying in different priority areas and for different grant types, you may apply for more than the $100,000 per agency, but may only be awarded that maximum amount in this cycle.

Grant application instructions

This page provides an overview of The Foundation for Delaware County grant application. Therefore, we urge you to review it fully before starting your proposal at the bottom of the page. If you prefer, you can download this page as a pdf.

Also, if you have not used the Foundant grantmaking software before, please make use of these tutorials and tools:

•   Learn how to use the on-line application software.
•   In addition, you can download the Foundant Applicant Tutorial and Troubleshooting Tips.

Furthermore, we recommend that you first develop your proposal in a Word document. Then copy and paste it into the boxes available in the on-line application. This will make it easier for you to edit and finalize your proposal before posting it on-line.

Please note, you can save your proposal on-line and log back in an unlimited number of times to edit/add it before the submission deadline. However, you may find it easier to line up in advance all the required attachments you will need to submit – such as budgets and IRS documents.

Grant priorities

The foundation has made some grants from specialized funds. However, this Request for Proposals represents our first full grantmaking cycle. This year we plan to award $1 million in grants that advance current program priorities:

  1. Children’s Health and Nutrition: The foundation looks to provide, expand and improve children’s preventative primary care, lead screening, asthma care, immunization, oral health, nutrition and developmental and mental health services. In addition, nonprofits may use grant funds to support advocacy efforts to benefit children and children’s programs.
  2. Maternity and Prenatal/Postnatal Care: The foundation will support the provision and expansion of quality services that improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable mothers and infants in Delaware County. In particular, these services include preconception care, early entry into prenatal care, routine prenatal and postpartum care, pregnancy spacing, family planning, decrease in maternal mortality, early childhood growth and development and reduction of infant mortality and morbidity.
  3. Preventative Health Care: The foundation seeks proposals from organizations that provide and are improving and expanding preventative health care services to low income residents in Delaware County.
  4. Opioid Addiction/Substance Use: The foundation looks to support programs that offer education, prevention, rehabilitation and supportive services to help families and communities address opioid addiction and substance use.
  5. Hospice and Home Healthcare: The foundation will continue providing grants from the Delaware County Home Care Fund for hospice and home healthcare services for low-income senior citizens and the disabled in Delaware County.
  6. Strengthening the Nonprofit Community. Some nonprofits play a critical role in Delaware County’s health care and social service safety net. However, their work may not fit within the five priority areas above. Therefore, limited funds are available for capacity building, succession planning and other initiatives to improve the applicant’s ability to meet emerging and critical needs.

Size of grant awards

Although the foundation will award grants of up to $50,000 per year, the average award is likely to be in the $10,000 to $25,000 range. Moreover, a limited number of multi-year grants (up to 3 years) will be available. Nonprofits may apply for more than one grant type. However, the maximum total award per agency will be $100,000.

Agencies that may apply

Nonprofit, government, and education agencies working in the priority program areas listed above are eligible to apply. The foundation will give preference to agencies located in the county, as well as to agencies which address the needs of the most vulnerable populations. These include families living in poverty, immigrants and non-English speakers. All grant proceeds must be used to provide programs and services in Delaware County.

Types of grant awards

  1. General Operating Support to nonprofits working in one or more of the foundation’s priority program areas.
  2. Program or Project Support to start, advance, operate, expand, and improve programs that meet one or more of the foundation’s priority areas.
  3. Capacity Building grants to organizations for one-time projects to improve organizational capacity. Examples include but are not limited to: strategic, business, or succession planning; software research, selection, implementation, and training; projects to enhance evaluation and data collection; and similar projects.
  4. Advocacy and Awareness around issues of importance to the program priorities of the foundation. It is important to note, grants in this area are only for advocacy and public awareness expenses. They may not be used for lobbying or political campaigns.
  5. Capital Expenditures for equipment or facilities needed to better serve vulnerable residents in Delaware County.
  6. Endowment Match Campaign to provide technical assistance to build an endowment as well as to provide matching funds for endowments raised and housed at The Foundation for Delaware County. A minimum agency commitment of $50,000 will be matched $1:$1 up to $50,000.

Preference will be given to agencies that 

  • Exhibit the efficient use of philanthropic dollars.
  • Have a strong record of collaborating with other entities serving the people of Delaware County.
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to diversity and cultural competency in staff and board composition. This includes employing bilingual staff where existing and potential clients are non-English speakers.
  • Have embedded or are in the process of embedding a trauma informed care approach to services and programs.
  • Can evidence a commitment to capacity building and succession planning where appropriate.