Delaware County is a suburb of Philadelphia with 49 municipalities and a population of 560,000. It is a county of towns, suburbs and countryside immediately adjacent to — and intimately connected with — the nation’s sixth largest city, Philadelphia. The county is densely settled, the fifth most populous in the Commonwealth, yet the third smallest in land area. The area has significant resources, and its residents have a strong sense of community pride. However, Delaware County faces challenges.

A County of Contrasts

Even though the county ranks fourth highest in the Commonwealth in per capita income, it is home to more than 50,000 people living in poverty. Furthermore, in several areas, multi-generational poverty is endemic. While the county compares well with peers nationally on many measures — from educational attainment to primary care access — it ranks unfavorably on a range of others. These include certain crimes, teen pregnancy, low birth weight, death from HIV, heart disease and stroke.

Measures of Delaware County Challenges:

The numbers below reflect some of the statistics that have been guiding the foundation’s grantmaking priorities. We’re here to help generous residents of Delaware County, nonprofits, and other philanthropists and funders address the needs of the county.

*Quality of life measure include those living in poor or fair health, the number of poor physical and mental health days, and the number of babies born with low birth-weight.