COVID-19 Overview for Nonprofits, 501(c)(3), Applicants

The foundation launched the Delaware County COVID-19 Response Fund in March, 2020 to provide resources to nonprofits serving vulnerable residents across our county.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to intensify locally, it has had vastly disproportionate health, economic, and social impacts on vulnerable citizens, particularly disadvantaged communities — including older adults, people with compromised immune systems, low-wage workers, and the homeless.

The Response Fund will support and strengthen community-led efforts in the county. The Fund will identify local nonprofit organizations that have proven track records and are trusted by the communities that are most disproportionately affected by this crisis. Local organizations have the agility, trust, and knowledge to develop extremely effective approaches to engage with communities. The Response Fund’s community-based strategy will complement government actions and other response efforts and will provide both immediate relief and longer-term recovery initiatives for maximum impact.

We are considering three funding priority levels:

(1) Front Line Grants: funding for community-based nonprofits that have increased demand for services due to COVID-19. These nonprofits have deep roots in community and a strong track-record serving people who are immediately and disproportionately suffering from this crisis. Examples of the types of nonprofits in most need: community-based health clinics, food pantries, organizations that support seniors, meal delivery programs, homelessness programs.

(2) Service-Challenged Grants: funding for nonprofits that are modifying their in-person service delivery modes due to COVID-19 and need assistance to do so.

(3) Vaccine Education and Outreach Grants: to support Delco 2020 Census Action Fund grantees and other nonprofits serving Delaware County in their efforts to educate the community about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine, and to coordinate access for communities of color.

Additional COVID-19 Resources

Contact Us

  • General questions and inquiries about the Response Fund can be directed to Mischico Warren at or 610-744-1016
  • For interested donors and partners, or for questions about donating via check or other assets, please contact Ellen Grill, at or 610-744-1015.
  • For media inquiries and interview requests, please contact Katy Lichtenstein at or 610-744-1017.